All Your Queries about Deep Tissue Massager Answered and Explained

If you are currently reading this article with an objective of getting yourself acquainted with the various devices that you can use to massage yourself, then you have come at the right place. Let us start with the basics first.

deep tissue massager

What is a deep tissue massager?

Simply put, a deep tissue massager is a device that is used to massage the deep muscles of your body and relieve you of pain and discomfort. Since a deep tissue massager is primarily used for massaging, it can at times also be used to massage your superficial tissues.

How do deep tissue massagers work?

A deep tissue massager exerts considerable but tolerable pressure on your muscles, especially the deeper layers. Not only is pressure applied on muscles but also on the tendons, trigger points and fascia. By applying pressure, the blood circulation of the area on which the pressure is applied is improved, resulting in more oxygenated blood reaching the areas of discomfort.

Not only is the affected area relieved but also the surrounding areas are healed by removing the damaging toxins. The transmission of pain to the adjoining areas is also stopped.

When should you use a deep tissue massager?

You should be using a deep tissue massager if you are continually feeling discomfort in deep-seated areas of your back, legs or other parts. The reason for this discomfort and pain can be varied but the most common is due to trapped nerves and knotted muscles.

These conditions can be very unpleasing but the positive side is that they can be easily healed by deep tissue massaging. This happens because due to the massaging, the affected areas are relaxed, which loosens their rigidity, thereby helping in releasing the muscles knots and freeing the trapped nerves.

The affected areas also get a rejuvenated supply of oxygenated blood that helps them to recover at a much faster pace.